With Sahaja Yoga’s spirit of inclusivity and empowerment, NSYS emerged as a beacon of hope, offering opportunities for personal growth and development. Shri Mataji envisioned NSYS as a platform to cultivate well-rounded individuals who would not only contribute to the spread of Sahaja Yoga but also serve as inspiring examples for others to follow.
Thus, with Shri Mataji’s divine blessings and guidance, NSYS stands as a testament to the transformative power of youth empowerment within the Sahaja Yoga community. Let us honor Her vision by embodying the principles She has imparted and striving to become the shining ideals She envisioned us to be.
Furthermore, as a significant step towards amplifying the impact of NSYS, a new team of regional coordinators has been chosen within the NSYS National Trust. These coordinators, representing five distinct zones, are set to become the pillars entrusted with the spreading and implementation of initiatives across India. Their role includes not only horizontal expansion but also vertical strengthening, reaching into every nook and corner, across districts.
With this strategic approach, the Yuva power is set to be fortified, ensuring a strong framework for growth and empowerment. Together, under the auspices of NSYS and with the blessings of Shri Mataji, let us unite in our mission to unleash the potential of the youth, propelling Sahaja Yoga forward with energy and purpose.
As you all know, the NSYS team has greatly contributed to the growth of Sahaja Yoga across India.
To continue the momentum to take Sahaja Yoga to every corner of this great country, the following Regional Yuva Shakti Coordinators are being appointed in NSYS as under: