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Shree Mataji's Advice to Yuva Shakti

It so happened that in August 1987, during the Shri Krishna Puja at Bombay , Shri A.M. Pradhan made a suggestion to the collectivity in Bombay to establish a youth organization in the city Sahaj organisation inorder to channelise their energies & enthusiasm in a useful and systematic manner. It was widely welcomed and it was decided to seek SHRI MATAJI’s permission and blessings for this novel venture. A few days later SHRI MATAJI was in Bombay and on her way to Pune in the train , this topic was introduced to HER. SHRI MATAJI was extremely happy and immediately gave all her blessings and christened this organisation ‘ NIRMAL SHAKTI YUVA SANGHA”. During the entire course of the journey to Pune , for about three to three and a half hours SHE gave the guidelines on which the development and growth of the Yuva Shakti and the individuals who were its constituents, was to take place. It was observed at that time ( and it still is the case) that as boys and girls a differ in socio-economic strata, some of them are not fortunate enough to get the much needed guidance at that age from their parents. Therefore in Sahaja Yoga it was proposed to present an oppurtunity to them to overcome this lacunae through the formation of NSYS. Therefor the emphasis according to HER was to be the development of the personality inorder to make it much more complete so that such developed indivuduals  would prove to be great assets to Sahaja Yoga for its propogation and serve as shining ideals for others to emulate and derive inspiration from.

In particular H.H. SHRI MATAJI emphasised the importance and knowledge in regard to the following. Needless to mention that any learning must start with ones own GURU who is the origin of all knowledge. Hence the following:


This should specifically include:

– All aspects of the Shalivahana Dynasty, about Shri Mataji’s time and place of birth.

– About HER unique parents.

– About HER role in the freedom struggle and association with great people like Mahatma Gandhiji.

– About HER childhood and Education ( that She was a medical student herself)

– And above all SHRI MATAJI as a Divine Ideal in HER various worldly roles as a daughter, housewife, daughter-in —law, mother , sister, and also as an extremely patriotic citizen of this great country.


– Everything about the genesis of Sahaja Yoga ( from 5th May 1970 at Nargol) to the present day status i.e. its establishment in over 70 countries all over the world.

– Everything that has been told by H.H. Shri Mataji about the subtle instruments ( dieties , nadis and chakras) in all these years through HER discourses and writings.

– Everything about meditation and its various techniques and methods to keep oneself in balance and purity.

– Everything about the prophesis , references and explanation about Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga through the ages by the various incarnations and saints in their utterances and writings. Eg. The Vedas, The Bhagvad Gita,

Koran, Gyaneshwari, The Holy Bible along with the prophesis of Shri Brigu Rishi and Shri William Blake.

– Knowledge about the Great Swayanbhu Peethas ( seats) of the Divine in India, espcially in Maharashtra i.e. the Ashtavinayakas, the three and a half seats of the Adi Shakti and the 12 Jyotirlingas, spread all over India.

– Knowledge about the 10 great Adi Guru incarnations and saints like Shri Gyaneshwara, Shri Tukaram, Shri Kabir , Shri Adi Shankaracharya, Shri Ramadasa and their truly phenomenal contribution to he cause of Sahaja Yoga.


Shri Mataji said that Sahaja Yogis should know the unique and exceptional heritage of this great country. Yuva Shakti boys and girls must make every attempt to make themselves familiar with the various facets of the beauty and variety of art from different parts of India and also our great cultural traditions of hospitality, kindness to others , service to society, obedience to elders, respect for and individual’s freedom etc.


It is imperative that we should be able to appreciate Indian classical music, both vocal and instrumental, as is practised in different parts of the country. If possible, every boy and girl should be able to play at least one instrument to a reasonably competent extent.


Classical dance forma of India are truly an expression of devotion to the Almighty and its apprecioation is also essential. Drama as an expression of human values, social relevance and contemporary reflection can be studied and practised


lt is important for the Yuvashakti to be aware of the great historical figures like Shri Shivaji, Rani Laxmibai, Rana Pratap and others along with all the great personalities produced by the Indian sturggle for independence right from 1857 to 1947. They should be able to speak about them with respect , revernece and understanding.

Shri Mataji Expects that the young generation should be completely aware of the social, political and economic climates from a regional as well as Universal point of view. Current affairs, new developments in various fields and an awareness of things around them , in general, is most desirable.

It is important that the Yuva shakti individuals should be able to speak and understand atleast two languages, apart from their mother tongue, and those are Hindi and English. Ablity to communicate ideas, experiences, thoguhts and emotions through writing or preferably public speaking is a quality that is highly needed. For building a very strong colletivit y these qualities are essential.

Thus having provided such a vast framework, SHRI MATAJI finally mentioned the most basic and most important tenets for the Yuva shakti.
They are as follows

  • Yuvashakti is an absolutely integral part of Sahaja Yoga and not a separate entity in itself.
  • Preferably girls and boys between the ages of 17 to 26 should be its members and should not be married.
  • Yuva shakti is ONE i.e. Universal, in the sense that its members should not claim affiliation or special attachment to any centre, city, state or country. Wherever they may be go in the world , for any Sahaja function, they should always volunteer their services to the collective.
  • For smooth functioning of the NSYS coordinators who can get things organised can be appointed.
  • Yuva shakti members have to be polite and respectful to senior Sahaja Yogis. Their hallmark should be “MADHURYA” or sweetness, which is a very important quality of the Visuddhi Chakra. which again is extremely important in strengthening the collective.
  • Boys and Girls of NSYS should first take care of their studies, exams and respective careers and on no account be allowed to neglect the same in the name of SAHAJA YOGA work. Shri Mataji was extremely emphatic about it and said that no excuses in this regard would be tolerated.
  • Lastly Shri Mataji said that the self respect and self esteem of NSYS members has to be respected and maintained. On no account should that be compromised.
  • Also please remember that nothing precludes the use of common sense.
  • It is impossible to detail all the guidelines laid down by Shri Mataji in one particular seminar. It is important that we, the yuva shakti who are an integral part of the DIVINE TREE OF SAHAJA YOGA, grow along this simply magnificient and glorious paths laid by SHRI MATAJI HERSELF. It is our sacred duty , not only to see that the growth is proper and in the right direction but even more important to ensure that we pass on this great legacy to the future generations.