Yuva Realisation Week 9 to 16 Jan 2022
How Can I Participate?

Date 22 Dec 2021 To, All State / City / District Yuva Shakti Coordinators & Active Sahaja Yogi Yoginis. It’s a matter of utmost sincerity that we all Yuva’s must come forward to fulfill the vision of our Beloved Mother Shri Mataji, to spread Sahaja Yoga through Power of Love, Sahaja Love. The current circumstances are so dynamic that Yoga, Meditation, Work Life Balance are the topics searched by the youngsters, so let us all take this opportunity & spread Sahaja Yoga for our own growth. Preparations for Offline or Physical Program How to Organise – Offline Program by City and State Yuva Shakti Coordinators -Programs by way of Exhibitions/ Conduct Programs – Identify Places to Organise Exhibitions -Organise Exhibitions on 8-9 Jan or 15-16 Jan 2022: atleast 2 days. – Print Wall Mounted Charts -Have a Team of 5/10/20 Yuvas to Explain Sahaja Yoga to new seekers using Exhibition Charts -Give Realisation to new seekers in Exhibition Hall -Handbills/Invitations to be sent to the new seekers a week in advance -Keep Data of new seekers visiting Exhibitions – 5 pm sessions could be shown in institutes/homes for New Seekers NOTE – Handbills, Exhibition Charts and Walkthrough to Explain Exhibition Charts will be provided in NSYS website download section Preparations of Digital or Online Program Let all Yuva Shakti register on NSYS Website : Kindly ensure to register yourself : and share / forward to all Yuva Shakti, -Use Images and Promo to Spread through Facebook, Instagram and Whats App to reach out to New Seekers -Even the add campaigns can be run from each city & the youth must be invited for the online sessions. – LinkedIn & Twitter are very important social media platforms which must be utilized with a focused approach. -You can also create a facebook page of your city, like Youth of Delhi / Youth of Kashmir -And let there be an add campaign to invite youth for participation. – Help Maximum Yuva Seekers to register on -Send Invitation Links to New Seekers -Ensure that all our YS are being involved basis a collaborative approach. Every Youth must have the information / invite for Self Realisation, know about Shri Mataji and awareness of Sahaja Yoga. Sincere request to encourage every Yuva Shakti to come forward, its also an opportunity to enable everyone in the long run. For more details: Watch Video

All the very best & we urge to come forward for collective work.

Jai Shri Mataji,
Team NSYS, India.
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Jai Shri Mataji

Dear Yuva Shakti

We all are preparing for YUVA Realisation Week FROM 9 to 16 Jan 2022 everyday session at 5 pm (ONLINE) and Sahajayoga Exhibitions (OFFLINE) on 8-9 Jan or 15-16 Jan in your Cities.

Its important to offer our sincere prayers at The Lotus Feet of our Beloved Mother. Divine grace shall work on every effort we make for all the seekers.

Request each and every City & State  Yuva Shakti Coordinators to join for meditation and meeting on Saturday, 18th Dec 2021 from 6 am onwards. Kindly join on time so that we all can be collective.

Once the zoom link is full with the participants, one can get connected by YouTube link:

Topic: All India Yuva Shakti – Meditation & Meeting
(NSYS – all India Meet)
Time: 6 to 6:30 am : Meditation
6:30 to 7:30 am: Discussions & Meeting
1. Digital Material (ONLINE)
2. Action Items at City Level (OFFLINE) – Exhibition
3. Feedbacks / suggestions

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 937 7806 9923
Passcode: 584667

Jai Shri Mataji
Team NSYS India
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